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Alexandra Visosky

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My Experience 


I grew up in the GTA, and as a child loved the thrill of going to the big city. There was so much to see and so many cultures to discover, that it made me want to see what the rest of the world had to offer. My parents are and always have been avid travellers, so annual family vacations were always something I could look forward to. These trips really gave me a passion for culture and travel that has now taken me through thirty-one countries all over the world, all of which taught me how to think on my feet in unfamiliar circumstances and relish each opportunity to do so. After a year abroad in Australia, I came home and rented an apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto. For about a year I really did enjoy it, but I spent the next four years increasingly homesick for life in the suburbs. So I planned and saved, and now I’m a Kitchener homeowner, falling more in love with it every day. Not only is everything I could possibly need nearby and easy to get to, but the openness and greenspace between it all is what I didn’t realize I’d taken for granted until I was living in it again, and I couldn’t be happier.

I spent a decade and a half in various service and hospitality roles, all of which helped to shape the person I am today. I honed my communication skills, developed my ability to identify the needs and wants of just about anybody, and learned how to consistently find new and creative ways to get a job done. As a supervisor I learned how to listen, how to teach, stay positive when life gets difficult, and see the benefit of every interaction that I have. Positivity is undeniably contagious.

All of that said, those years were invaluable to me, but there came a point when I was ready to be my own boss to set my own expectations, work to consistently exceed them, and do it in a way that is both meaningful and fulfilling. This is when I found real estate. I began my studies and never looked back.

My Approach 

My Difference  


                                                    Transparent Communication
The most valuable thing my career in restaurants taught me is that honesty and communication can save almost any situation. When something in the restaurant went sideways, by my fault or otherwise, where others might have found excuses, I always preferred the honest approach, and found that my guests always did too. In no time this became a habit, and now it’s just who I am. Any questions you have I will answer honestly, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you so, then I’ll find it.


Buying a new house is one of the most exciting times in your life, and I get almost as much excitement from finding your dream home as you do. Selling your house is the start of a new adventure, and I can’t wait to help you navigate your way to a successful closing!


Simply put, I need to finish what I start. I have read many a horrible novel in the hopes that it would get better soon. Working with me, you can be sure that all my work is thorough and I won’t stop until the job is done.

Now enough about me, let’s chat, I can’t wait to get to know you!

When adults used to ask me as a kid, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” my answer was always “Help people.” For a very long time I wasn’t sure what that meant, but now that I’ve felt the joy of achieving my dream it’s never been more clear. I want to help others find that feeling by guiding them through the biggest and most important investment of their lives: their home.

This means that people are the driving force behind all of it. I’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you want even if you’re not quite sure, and I’ll turn over every stone to find it. I’ll help you understand each step in the process and navigate you through them. I’ll be open and transparent along the path and I’ll do it all by being honest, passionate, and hard-working.

No two people are the same, just as no two deals are the same, so I go into every new client interaction with the same excitement and zest as though it were the first.

Now enough about me, I want to get to know you! Let's chat.


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